Lucie Sommer-Leix

My name is Lucie Sommer-Leix.

1957   born in Bavaria Germany,
1970-1998   patronage education of Rita Gross (sculptor)
1974-1978   dental-technician apprenticeship, professional activity until 1985
since 1985   freelance artist-painter and sculptor
since 1990   main place of residence and studio at Waltenhofen/Allgäu/Germany
2008   „artist in residence“
Centro de arte contemporáneum, Fundación Rodriguez-Amat, Catalonia, Spain

further working stays in Italy, Denmark, Bali, India.

2013   "Kunstpreises 2013" honored by Rupert Gabler fundation

since 2017   Member BBK Schwaben-Süd e.V.

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Member of BBK Schwaben-Süd e.V.